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13 Sep ACC-113 client's work
Daniel 0 18
Paul's work for ACC-113..
18 Aug CDS-03 Client's work
Daniel 0 116
You can get the pattern here: CDS-03..
18 Aug ACC-77 client's work
Daniel 0 46
Vlaven's work of ACC-77.Leisure's work of ACC-77...
18 Aug SWP-07 client's work
Daniel 0 62's work of SWP-07...
18 Aug ACC-65 and ACC-56 client's work
Daniel 0 37
Mr. Colin leather works of ACC-65 and ACC-56...
18 Aug ACC-28 client's work
Daniel 0 24
Miss D's work of ACC-28...
18 Aug ACC-30 client's work
Daniel 0 16
Mr. Dale's work of ACC-30...
18 Aug How to ribbon the scarves on handle of the bag
Daniel 0 13
How to ribbon the scarves on handle of the bag.Step 1: Make a knot, make sure the tip towards ground.Step 2: Wrap along the handle tightly as you can.Step 3: Try to adjust the gap for each loop.Step 4: OK, finish it, make a knot again, certianly the tip towards ground too...
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