Electronic creaser heads - compatible with REGAD machine
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Our creaser heads are compatible with REGAD machine, better than it,

because we use Stainless steel, but REGAD use iron.

And our products are in so reasonable price.

You can have the electornic creasers here:

Electronic creaser heads


F series pictures

F series are mainly for making decoration lines, the line width is about 0.5mm


E series pictures

E series are mainly making round edge with decoration line


S series pictures

S series are mainly for iron the edge oil and making decoration lines on some hard reach places


L series pictures

L series are mainly for pressing the edge down to make the bulge effect


FN series pictures

FN series have same function as E series, but the decoration line width is 1mm

It was designed with a cutting corner, that will be easier for dealing with inner curved places


FNR series pictures

FNR series is a special version for FN series, it is round shape, so very easy for making shoes


Special head pictures

Special heads are mainly used for special purpose:

No.1 is wax knife - iron bee wax on the edge (integrate with heater)

No.2 is iron - iron the crumpled leather smooth or iron the flesh side with tragacanth (integrate with heater)

No.3 is slicker - iron a smooth edge 3mm and 4mm

No.4 is slicker - 5mm and 6mm

No.5 is watch belt iron - iron the hole for spring bar

No.6 is thread burner - burn the thread

No.7 is seperated heater - it works with No.3, No.4, No.5, No.6

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