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Brand: VLO
Here is a professional leather splitter.There are two types, one with pedal but only one speed, the other one with speeder but without pedal.Please look at the vedio here to understand how it works: understand that we only have 220V version right..
Brand: VLO
The price $80 includes:26 alphabets(Custom Fonts)+ 2 Blank Spacers+1(&).1(.) A total of 30pcs. If you don't tell us what kind of font you like, we will make default front as Arial.You can choose Any font, any size, The default size is 1cm high.You can choose any space between each l..
Brand: VLO
This link is for buying high temperature adhesive tape. There are different sizes of the tape, please choose what you need. Our advice is buy a large piece, anyhow you need them to glue your logo on the embosser machine. If you don't take off your logo frequently, you can buy small piece.You..
Brand: VLO
Here are the foil paper for the embosser machine, it can offer perfect effect on your works such as leather, wood, paper art and so on.There are different colours, please choose what you need. White colour is 100m long, and other colours are 120m long. The price is for 1cm width, if you need 2cm..
Brand: VLO
Maybe you wonder why some people's leather wallets are sold well so much than you? The answer is they used this machine to offer personalized service, that means, they use this machine to  emboss customer's name on the wallet. So why not have a machine and a kit of 26 alphabets from us? The alp..
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